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Neal Groton

                                                                                                        Neal Groton has been in the home construction and renovation business for over

                                                                                                        25 years. During that time he has developed into what many consider to be one of

                                                                                                        the most talented, honest and straightforward builders in the area. He is well

                                                                                                        known for his exceptional craftsmanship and service.

                                                                                                        Neal's approach is not complex; he lives by the Golden Rule: "Do to others as you

                                                                                                        would have done to you." He understands that in a custom construction project,

                                                                                                        the process is as important as the product. Having a keen awareness that clients

                                                                                                        want to be part of the process and not simply spectators, enables him to ensure

                                                                                                        that the clients will find the experience, as well as the finished product, rewarding

                                                                                                        and enjoyable. Neal's reputation for honesty, integrity and constant attention

                                                                                                        to detail is especially important for clients who are building or remodeling a

                                                                                                        vacation home and cannot be there to oversee the project. Neal will not only do the job as promised, he will build and treat your home as if it were his own.  Please review the pictures in our portfolio to better understand our product. Then give us a call for a consultation and a list of recent clients. You will be able to contact them directly and get a first-hand description of their experiences.